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Ten Ways Drugs Can Mess With Your Life

You've heard drugs can affect your life--but how? Drugs can mess with your mind and your body. Drugs can also mess up friendships, your family and even the planet. Consider these things:

1. DRUGS MESS WITH YOUR MIND. Drugs can affect you, even before you realize it. They change how you think, how you act and how you feel.

2. THEY BREAK DOWN YOUR BODY. Some drugs speed up your heart rate. Some slow it down. Many organs can be permanently harmed. Drugs can damage brain cells. Damaged blood vessels in your brain can cause bleeding (stroke) and make you blind, paralyzed or unable to speak. Some drugs can kill you the first time you use them.

3. YOUR FUTURE WON'T BE YOUR FOCUS. When you are high, you're less likely to focus on school. You may slack off at work. You may find yourself stuck without plans for the future.

4. YOU MAY FORGET ABOUT YOUR FAMILY. You may withdraw from your family. They may have trouble reaching you. You could isolate yourself so much that you can't reach out to your family when you need them.

5. YOU'LL TRASH YOUR CASH. Drugs are expensive. If you have a job, getting high can eat up every paycheck. If you don't work, you could find yourself doing things you wouldn't normally do to get money for drugs.

6. FRIENDS FADE. You may also withdraw from your old friends. And those new "friends" you're doing drugs with? You may find that the drugs--not you-- are what they really care about.

7. YOU MAY BECOME DOWN AND DEPRESSED. Did you know drugs can make you depressed? It happens, and can even lead to thoughts of suicide.

8. DRUGS HURT THE EARTH. Fact: Making a pound of meth makes up to 5 pounds of poisonous waste. That waste can get into your soil and water, and can hurt you and the planet. Fact: Forests are cut down to make room for drug crops. That contributes to many global problems.

9. YOU'LL RISK ADDICTION. No one thinks they will become addicted-but it can sneak up on you. When you're addicted, you're living for your drug.

10. THE TRUTH ABOUT TROUBLE. Getting in trouble with your parents, teachers and coaches is bad enough. But getting busted can change your life. Trouble with the law can keep you from getting a job or financial aid for college, can land you in jail, and can cost big bucks. It just isn't worth it.

REMEMBER, you have a choice, always. You can enjoy a life without drugs. If you are worried about drug use (yours or a friend's) you can get help. For more information on addiction, contact your local drug free council or log onto on the internet.

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