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Mental Health Matters

Whether we have a mental illness such as depression, know someone who has experienced such a problem or neither, we need to care about the issue of mental health. After all, we all have "mental health." We may not think much about our "mental health" or even use that phrase, but it's a common element in all our lives. Some people define it as a "state of mind." Others view it as "being content with life" or "feeling good about yourself."

Mental health is perhaps best explained as how well we cope with daily life and the challenges it brings. When our mental health is good, we can deal better with what comes our way--at home, at work, in life. When our mental health is poor, it can be difficult to function in our daily lives. It is a fluid state with disability and untreated illness at one end and recovery and complete wellness at the other end. Most of us live and move within the middle range of the spectrum.

However, most of us take our mental health for granted. After all, since it's such a basic, yet unseen, part of who we are, it doesn't seem to merit a lot of thought compared to everything else going on in our lives or in the world. But the reality is that mental health is a major factor in all aspects of each of our lives. We see it play out in our relationships, in our performance at work or school and in health issues.

All of us live with daily threats to our mental health. Many of us also face additional challenges that test us and put our mental health at risk. For some of us, it is the stress of care giving or divorce or losing a loved one. It could be the stress of losing a job, or living with a disease such as diabetes, cancer or hypertension. It also could be surviving domestic abuse, a street crime or a disaster of some type. Whatever the source of the threat, how able we are to deal with these challenges can positively or negatively impact our mental health , overall health and well-being. When considering all the ways it can affect each of us and our society, the issue of mental health amounts to the largest public health and economic concern in the country. Good mental health is fundamental to the health and well-being of every person and of our nation as a whole.

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