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Improving Your Self Esteem

It is important to meet your emotional needs and other needs, so do good things for yourself! It can be easy to think that only others deserve good things. When you have low self-esteem you may think that you don't deserve good things or haven't done anything worth self reward. Keep reminding yourself that you would want others you care about to have good things and that you deserve them just like they do. Being good to yourself can help change how you feel. Over time, you'll start feeling like being good to yourself is more natural and acceptable.

Think about things you might enjoy doing. For example, you might enjoy:
  • relaxing in a hot bath after a busy day
  • spending an evening out with friends
  • putting chores on hold to take a walk on a beautiful day
  • having a good talk with a family member or close friends
  • shopping for a new outfit, music CD, etc.
Plan to try one or two enjoyable activities every week or two.
Think about what makes you happy. In addition to activities like the ones described above, think also about the general things that make you happy and how you can expose yourself to these things more often. Even something as simple as listening to music more often can make a difference.
Take good care of yourself. It's easy to overlook doing the things that make us feel good in body and mind. But healthy daily habits can improve how we feel inside and out. For example: Eat well--a healthy, balanced diet can improve your overall health and make you feel good about yourself. Visit for details on a diet that is right for you. Stay active-- regular physical activity can give you more energy and help you stay physically fit. Get plenty of sleep-- being well-rested can help you have more energy throughout the day. Practice good personal hygiene-- keeping up your appearance shows you care about yourself. Improving your self esteem takes time and effort but the reward are worth it. For more information on mental health tips check out

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