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How's Your Emotional Health?

There are several ways, in our busy lives, to help us keep well, both mentally and physically. Keeping healthy emotionally means that we are able to deal with the stress that we face daily in our lives, jobs, and relationships. Here are a few things that we can do to keep the healthy balance in our lives.

Keep a positive attitude. Whenever you are faced with something negative in your life always try to find something positive about it. Focus on the good things that are happening. Sometimes just writing those good things down into a journal can help keep you aware of the great things that have and do happen daily. Take a look daily at that journal so that will help boost the positive energy.

Seek emotional support from your family. Sometimes just communicating or talking about the things that bring on negative thoughts can help alleviate the problem. Talk with the family, friend, or even a co-worker about whatever it is that is causing your emotional distress.

Set priorities. We are all so busy each day with the job of rearing families, taking care of the household, holding down jobs, and meeting obligations to others that we don't always use our time wisely and sometimes that will cause tremendous stress in our lives. Knowing which task is the most important and putting it down on the list to do first will help you stay organized. List the others in order of necessity and always keep a calendar available and organized around family activities. This will help you from being so stressed out.

Accept mistakes. We all make mistakes and they can be such great learning experiences. We are only human and are not going to be capable of completing every task put before us. So just accept it and go on. I'm sure if you've ever made a mistake that it has caused you to realize how to go about not doing the same thing again. That's the valuable learning experience.

Be aware of your feelings. It is important to recognize what is happening in your life when you have feelings of sadness, anxiety or general stress. Keeping these feelings inside can even make physical problems develop.

Balance your life. Maintaining balance is just a matter of working really hard but having some fun along the way. When something negative hits you, make sure you keep that positive outlook and move forward. Existence is not just family, friends and work, but it is a combination of all things that revolves around your daily life.

By being attentive to all of your mental thoughts, behaviors, and feelings, we can have an emotional wellness that makes daily life so much more enjoyable. For more information on emotional health you can contact Mental Health America at 1-800-969-6642 or go online to

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