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Holiday Stress

Well, it's on it's way! The holiday season is well underway and along with this joyous time of the year comes the stress that accompanies us each day as we prepare for being with family and friends at this special time of the year. You should be able to relax and enjoy the holidays with family and friends and make this the merriest season of all, but you'll have to possibly make some changes.

Learn to delegate responsibilities. Don't try and take on the responsibility for everyone else's happiness. Learn to delegate so that you aren't always taking on more than you can ever accomplish.

Provide for your family to share the real meaning of Christmas. People's fondest memories are often those expressing thanks and love for one another, not just having another holiday gift. Always make sure there are times for quiet moments that you can share during the holidays that show a true expression of your love to each other.

Plan ahead. Decide what you want to get out of the holidays. Do you want the biggest open house? Do you want to focus on the spiritual part of the holidays? Whatever the focus, planning is the key so plan ahead so that everything doesn't crash down on you at the last minute.

Share the holiday with the less fortunate. Remember the developmentally disabled or those located at a homeless shelter. Teaching your children to share with others goes far in helping them understand at this season of the year, the true meaning of compassion and love.

Don't allow yourself to be lonely even if you are alone for the holidays. Doing for others is a preventative medicine for depression and it is certain that depression looms around during the holidays. See if you are of some benefit to someone else who is worse off than yourself. Be of assistance to nursing homes, hospitals and other service agencies who are always looking for help during the holidays.

The holidays will not let you down. Only you can do that. This is a joyous time of the year and it is your responsibility to make your life the least stressful that you can. Remember that the true meaning of the holiday season is happiness, joy, peace, faith, hope and love and you can have them all. For more information on stress and related mental health topics, check out our website at

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