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Finding Good Mental Health Today

Good mental health has to do with how you feel about yourself, how you interact with others and how you solve problems. It has to do with how you treat others and how you want to be treated. It's about friendships, being fair, and treating others with kindness and respect.

The brain is what controls our feelings or emotions such as being sad, angry, happy, or scared. Sometimes it helps to discuss our feelings with parents, teachers, and/or counselors. If this doesn't help, then doctors are available that specialize in mental health. Seeing a mental health specialist is no different than seeing a physical health doctor and both are equally important.

With our economy being the way it is and people losing jobs and trying to cope with high prices on everything, stress and depression can really set in, so it is even more important that you seek out those things that can make you feel good about yourself. Take the time to look at all the good things that have happened to you and all of the friends that surround you. Call them, walk with them, seek out new friends as well, because friends can make the difference in your day each and every day.

If you don't take the time for yourself, depression can get it's hold on you and bring on all of the negativity into your world that you don't really need. Stressful days lead to depression and while depression is more than just feeling blue every once in a while, it can affect your every day routine and normally will not go away on its own. Depression can lead to bad grades, alcohol or other drug use or feelings of wanting to commit suicide. If you have thoughts of wanting to hurt yourself or others, it's important to talk to parents, teachers, and/or friends that can help you get professional advice. If you are feeling depressed, can't concentrate, don't enjoy being with friends and would rather spend most of your time alone, it's important to seek help.

Many people do not realize the toll stress and depression can have on their lives or that mental health is key to overall health in general. Caring for both the mind and the body not only helps boost a person's spirits but can help lead to a healthier, happier, and more productive life.

For other tips on managing good mental health and stress, log onto or call 812-522-3480 for more materials that can be mailed to your home about depression and stress.

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