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Facts About Schizophrenia

Many people are not sure about what Schizophrenia is and what can be done for it so I thought a little education on this particular mental illness might answer a few questions for everyone.
Schizophrenia is a biologically based brain disease that affects approximately one percent of the population worldwide, in all cultures and all countries. It affects about equal numbers of men and women. It usually strikes in the late teenage and early adult years. It is a form of psychotic disorder, which means it can cause people to have difficulty interpreting reality. Individuals develop a marked change in their thinking, perceptions and behavior. It has nothing to do with "split personality" or "multiple personality".
It may involve hallucinations(false sensations), delusions(false beliefs), disorganized thinking and speech and agitation and movement disorders. Some negative symptoms include a lack of drive or initiative, apathy, social withdrawal, and emotional unresponsiveness.
The cause of it is not clear but is believed to occur as a result of a disturbance in the development of the brain. As in the case of many other medical illnesses, the illness appears to occur many years after the genetic factors and developmental changes have been expressed.
There is no cure for schizophrenia, however, medications have proven to be effective for many of the symptoms. With proper medications, some people will have complete resolution of the symptoms. Hallucinations, paranoia and delusions often improve over a number of weeks. Social withdrawal and apathy will also improve, but sometimes to a lesser extent than these other symptoms. Medications available are not perfect. They can have side effects and usually the medications are needed for a long period of time. Talk therapies and support groups are great in helping people adjust to their illness. Contact your medical provider if you suffer from this disorder because there is help for you and your symptoms.
If you know of anyone or you, yourself suffer from schizophrenia, there is a great publication call SZ magazine which offers great information and stories on schizophrenia. You can find it at or call 1-866-672-3038. For more information on other mental illnesses you can check out

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