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Depression is a Real Illness

Depression is a serious medical illness that involves the brain. It is not something that you have "made up in your head." It's more than just feeling "blue" or "down in the dumps" for a few days at a time. It is feeling "down" and "low" and "hopeless" for weeks at a time.

About 19 million Americans have depression and it can happen to anyone, no matter what age you are. Depression can make it very hard for you to care for yourself, your family, or even hold down a job. But there is hope. Depression can be treated and you can feel better.

What causes depression? Depression can happen because of changes in your brain. Depression can run in your family. This means that someone in your family such as a grandparent, parent, aunt, uncle, cousin, sister or brother may have depression. Sometimes painful events or losses such as deaths can lead to depression and sometimes the cause of depression is not clear.

If you think you might have depression, don't wait. Talk to your doctor about how you are feeling. Get a medical checkup to rule out any other illnesses that might be causing signs of depression. If you get treatment for your depression you can feel better.

On Sunday, October 14th on PBS channel WFYI-20 at 3 p.m., Freedom from Fear will air a documentary titled The Pain of Depression, a journey through darkness. It explores the physical and psychological challenges of depression, whose symptoms range from insomnia to debilitating fatigue. Compelling stories from depression sufferers capture the illness' devastating impact on their families, friends, and communities. Produced in 2006, this informative documentary takes viewers on a journey to understand depression through first hand experiences of 3 people. Their family members and friends express their early misconceptions about the illness and recall how their loved ones fought depression with counseling, medication, and lifestyle changes. Check it out!!

For other tips on managing good mental health and stress, log onto or call 812-522-3480 for more materials that can be mailed to your home about depression and stress.

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