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De-Frazzle Yourself for the Holidays

Here are some pointers for you if your are beginning to feel more frazzled than festive during the holiday season.

  • DO expect the intensity of holiday togetherness to breed some irritability and take it in stride.
  • DO give yourself and everyone else permission to feel less than perfect. Recognize that the holiday is not "ruined" just because someone gets upset. Your family is simply doing what it has always done-acting like your family.
  • DO recognize that no one can live up to our expectations. Most of us carry around a heavily romanticized picture of the holiday and feel we must relentlessly convey warmth, brightness, and good feelings. It is just not possible without creating unbearable tension.
  • DO plan for difficult moments. Propose a family outing for an afternoon slump. Keep board games handy.
  • DO enlist the help of others if you are organizing the holiday reunion. Well in advance, politely inform other family members that you want their help with meal preparation, setup, or cleanup and assign tasks to specific people. Everyone will enjoy the occasion more if they all help.
  • DO try to be flexible about the way things are done. Build some change into family rituals. People grow and change: so should rituals.
  • DO create new rituals in blended families, adopting elements that have shared meaning for all current members.
  • DO recognize how difficult the holidays are for some people. The loss of a loved one or change in home living situations may create a void. Spend time with them, send a small gift, or invite them to celebrate with you.
  • DO not expect the holidays to serve as quality time for relationships. You cannot repair all damage and pay all debts in a day or two. However, you can use the holidays to make meaningful contact

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