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Building Good Self-Esteem

What is Self-Esteem?

Self-esteem is about your self-image, you thoughts and feelings about yourself and your abilities. Having good self-esteem helps you have confidence and accept challenges. When you believe in yourself, you are not afraid to take risks and develop your abilities. When you are happy and comfortable with whom you are, you are more eager to meet new friends and develop closer relationships. Having a positive self-image makes it easier to accept new ideas and way of doing things.

Low self-esteem can create a lack of confidence. Past experience of failure may cause people to feel they are doomed to fail all the time. Lack of confidence may result in making little or no effort to try to do well because the person expects to fail. When people see themselves as failures, they don’t give themselves credit for their accomplishments. People who feel bad about themselves tend to find it hard to develop close relationships and they will have a lonely and satisfying life.

But this cycle can be broken by taking positive steps to raise self-esteem. You can give your self-esteem a boost if you follow the following g steps: respect yourself by identifying and accepting your strengths and weaknesses., everyone has them and instead of trying to be someone else be proud of who you are; set realistic goals and meet them by learning new skill; set a reasonable timetable for reaching each goal and remind yourself of the progress as you go; accept and learn from your mistakes and do not dwell on errors; give yourself credit for your achievements, both big and small; take care of yourself by eating well and staying active.

Start improving yourself-esteem today. Write down the ways you think you can start to change for the better. Review your goals each week and write how you plan to meet them. For example, if your goal is to stop putting yourself down, plan to write three positive things about yourself every day. Stay positive! If you have tried to feel better about yourself but are not making any progress, then you might consider seeking the help from a qualified counselor.

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